Since 2009, SymbioLab has been cultivating practices of experiential ecology and sharing these in different situations; in public places, festivals, exhibitions, with school groups and at special events, in Sweden and abroad.


what is experiential ecology?

Engaging through the senses in a radical togethering; exploring ecology as not separate from the self but as situation in which we are participant, more-than-(and)-human, in constant flow and change.

Practices together with water, soil and sound waves open the gates of sensory awareness, to a listening both outside and inside the skin. Play is participatory with the insight of insects, entangled with plant roots and microbial life. Sound is a tactile sense


HUMAN PLANTING sinking feet in the soil , digesting and being digetsted in aquaponic exploration of EAT AND BE EATEN, melting ICE INCUBATION with the warmth of hands, and currently exploring tactile vibrations in BAUM SOUND



in recognising the ecological crisis as a relational crisis of humans envir


who are we?

SymbioLab is the meeting of artists Julia Adzuki and Patrick Dallard, in collaboration with bacterial, plants


- - - - - - -‹‹‹ a mobile laboratory for listening cultivating resonance