Founded in 2009 by artists Julia Adzuki and Patrick Dallard, SymbioLab is mobile laboratory for relational art, ecology and listening.

It began with the construction of an egg-shaped lab and the vision to respond to ecological grief and climate anxiety with hands-on art experiences for kids of all ages. To return to our senses through contact with the elements and an experiential and playful approach to ecology.

The first incarnation of the lab was home to an intra-active aquaponic system with edible plants and Garra Rufa fish. The 'Eat and be Eaten' cycle invited direct and sensory participation in the food chain. Engaging also with water cycles, insect habitation, seed bombing and kokedama making, this project toured to Wanderlust in Paris, Nomadic Village in Cuge-les-Pins, Stockholm Kulturfestival, Subtopia Festival and schools in Sweden with 'Insect insight' and 'Ö projekt'.

Listening, through all the senses, to each other and Earth is the foundation of SymbioLab's practices. In 2016 Julia and Patrick made bAUM, an instrument for experiencing the physicality of sound and awakening the senses, which is now home in the Listening Laboratory (LyssnarLab). Participants of all ages are invited to play and experience bAUM sessions.

The LyssnarLab has been touring in Sweden and Norway and is the starting point for the project Roots of Resonance, currently in process.

SymbioLab has recieved project support from Innovativ Kultur, Stockholm Läns Landsting and Kulturbryggan.



ROOTS OF RESONANCE - SymbioLab project with dagliga verksamhet for people with functional variation in Stockholm and Sörmland re- gions, touring bAUM, making vibrational conversation instruments and public intra-actions, supported by Kulturbryggan. (2018-19)


ANTENN - Sound festival in Gnesta Water Tower co-coordination with ljudtornet artist collective, festival weekend in 24-26 August, Gnesta.
VIGIL FOR THE EARTH - All night eco art experience, performance with bAUM, 5-6 August, Nesodden, Norway.
THEN A MOMENT PASSED AND EVERYTHING WAS CHANGED - Group exhibition and bAUM sessions, Chapel of Resurrection, Skogskyrkogården.

MAT & KONST - Fittja Open public art day, bAUM sessions in the mobile laboratory for listening, Botkyrka Konsthall, Fittja.

JÄRNA KULTURNATT - bAUM sessions in the mobile laboratory for listening, ABF, Järna.

ICE SCULPTURE - live sculpting of interactive ice instruments, Katrineholm Kommun.

LJUDLEK - bAUM sessions och ljud workshop med barn, Katrineholm Kommun. 


SYMBIOLAB - Skapande Skola projekt; Insekt Insikt, Haninge Skola.
RESONANS LABORATORIUM - Residency with bAUM, Långsjö Teater, Gnesta.
ICE SCULPTURE - live sculpting of interactive ice instruments, Katrineholm.


E(k)lekt(r)isk Ljudrymd & I CALL IT THE UNIVERSAL CIRCLE - Group exhibitions; bAUM sound sculpture, Rymd Konsthall, Sickla.
Resonant ((body)) - bAUM performances and exhibition. Candyland Gallery, Stockholm.


SYMBIOLAB - Skapande Skola projekt; Insekt Insikt, Dalarö Skola.


PRINTEMPS VERT – SymbioLab - mobile greenhouse installation, dark ecology performance and workshop, Wanderlust, Paris, France.

NOMADIC VILLAGE - SymbioLab - mobile greenhouse installation and planting perfomance, Cuge-les-Pins, France.
DARK ECOLOGY GATHERING – SymbioLab collaborative workshop with artists - supported by Kulturbryggan, Sweden.

SYMBIOLAB - mobile greenhouse - Mini Makers Fair, Tekniska Museet, Stockholm, Sweden.
MAKE YOUR UNIVERSE – Kokedama workshop with Haninge Förskolan, Haninge, Sweden.


FITTJA OPEN - SymbioLab Crepeslopp, Botkyrka Konsthall/Residence Botkyrka, Sweden.

Ö PROJEKT - Skapande Skola projekt in collaboration with Art Lab Gnesta, Sweden.


SYMBIOLAB - Performance and installation at Stockholm Kultur Festival, Subtopia Festival and Alby schools.
Supported by Ung, Aktiv Kultur, Stockholms länslandsting, Sweden.

SYMBIOLAB – Development and construction of the interactive mobile greenhouse exploring ecology, scientic poetry and installation art. Supported by Innovativ Kultur, Konstnärsnämnden and Subtopia, Alby.


sound collective

initiated by SymbioLab

based in Gnesta, Sweden

with an annual sound art festival ANTENN

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