Multi-sensory art and ecology experiences for children and adults of all ages.

Explore tactile sound with bAUM in the LyssnarLab. Together with artists Julia Adzuki and Patrick Dallard workshops are a journey into opening the senses and connecting directly with the elements. Strengthening empathy, trust and an active imagination through group improvisation, making, sounding and movement practices.

Workshops are age group specific, with a duration of 2 hours minimum up to a whole day or workshop series. SymbioLab artists come with the LyssarLab and tools for listening.

Contact SymbioLab for more infomation. We are also available for creative schools projects.


We travel to festivals and events with LyssnarLab, playing bAUM sessions for up to 7 people at a time. In 2018 we performed at Järna Kulturnatt and Fittja Open in Sweden and Vigil for the Earth in Nesodden, Norway.

Together with Ljudtornet artist collective, SymbioLab creates and curates sound art events in the old water tower in Gnesta, including Antenn sound art festival.

We also do live ice sculpting events in the winter.


SymbioLab artists have exhibited extensively in Sweden, Norway and Australia. bAUM has been exhibited at Rymd Konsthall in Sickla, Candyland in Stockholm, Långsjö Teater in Gnesta and in the Chapel of Resurrection in Skogskyrkogården (the woodland cemetery) in Sweden.

We are currently creating new tactile sound instruments for exhibition and public intra-action, 'Speaking for Trees' will be complete in 2019. 'Resonant Bodies' is an instrument made by Julia Adzuki from an ancient Ash, has toured Sweden with Kännbart project 2015-17 and is currently available for exhibition.

Even as exhibition pieces, these works are intended for participatory performance and immersive workshops.

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