Drawings by Jenny Soep


a radical encounter with the reciprocity of perception

Roots of Resonance is a participatory performance project with tactile sound instruments, engaging artists and people with disabilities in exploring the physicality of sound and developing new forms of non-verbal communication.

The purpose of the project is to engage the power of listening with the whole physical self, facilitating an entirely different form of communication that challenges notions of what an acoustic instrument can do and reforms the roles of artist and audience. Vibrational conversation instruments are shaped by collaborative explorations, with the aim of establishing a non-hierarchical space with room for everyone's strength and vulnerability. Roots of Resonance is about making sense together and challenge social norms.

The project takes place in day centers (dagliga verksamhet) for people with disabilities in 6 municipalities; Kungsholmen in Stockholm, Kulturskolan and JATC in Strängnäs, Solfagra in Huddinge, JATC in Nynashamn, Kulturskolan in Gnesta och JATC in Södertälje. From September 2018 – April 2019, SymbioLab artists are touring these centers, co-developing vibrational conversation instruments. In May-June 2019 there was a public presentation in each of the municipalities, where relevant politicians will also be invited to engage in listening actions with the citizens they represent.

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